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Shivji Dholi Rajasthani Group, helmed by the visionary Mr. Hansraj Dholi, epitomizes excellence in the realm of folk dance. With a lifelong passion for the art of movement, Hansraj Dholi took his inaugural steps onto the stage at a tender age, igniting his commitment to preserving and promoting India’s rich cultural legacy through dance.

Celebrated for our captivating performances, Shivji Dholi Rajasthani Group specializes in a diverse array of folk dances, including Bhangra, Giddha, Dandiya, Garba, and Lavani. Our proficient troupe, under the expert tutelage of Hansraj Dholi, embodies the essence of each dance form, mesmerizing audiences with their precision and panache.

Shivji Dholi

Shivji Dholi

Rajasthani Folk Singer.

Shivji Dholi is a seasoned Rajasthani folk singer renowned for his captivating performances that resonate with the essence of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage. With his soulful voice and deep-rooted connection to traditional folk music, Shivji Dholi has left an indelible mark on the music scene, both within Rajasthan and beyond.

Throughout his illustrious career, Shivji Dholi has graced numerous events with his enchanting melodies, captivating audiences with his renditions of traditional Rajasthani folk songs. His performances are often imbued with the vibrant rhythms and lyrical storytelling that are characteristic of Rajasthani music, transporting listeners to the colorful landscapes and vibrant culture of the region.

One notable highlight of Shivji Dholi’s career is his contribution to the movie “My Name is Kalam,” where his soul-stirring vocals added depth and emotion to the film’s soundtrack. His participation in such a significant cinematic project further underscores his stature as a respected figure in the world of folk music.

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Sonu nigam with Shivji Dholi
Sonu Nigam
shreya ghoshal with Shivji Dholi
Shreya Ghoshal
Javed ali with Shivji Dholi
Javed Ali
KK with Shivji Dholi
Susmit with Shivji Dholi
Susmit Bose
Abhishek raw with Shivji Dholi
Abhishek Ray
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What We Do

Originating from the Kalbeliya community of Rajasthan, this mesmerizing dance is characterized by its graceful movements and intricate footwork. Accompanied by soul-stirring music, the Kalbeliya dance tells stories of love, nature, and the nomadic lifestyle of the Kalbeliya people.

Hailing from the royal courts of Rajasthan, Ghoomar is a joyful and exuberant dance form performed by women during special occasions and festivals. With its twirling movements and colorful attire, Ghoomar celebrates femininity and grace, inviting participants and spectators alike to join in the jubilation.

Originating from the state of Gujarat, Bhavai is a dynamic and acrobatic dance form traditionally performed by skilled artists balancing multiple pots on their heads. Through its rhythmic movements and dramatic storytelling, Bhavai celebrates the spirit of resilience and the triumph of good over evil.


Hailing from the desert regions of Rajasthan, Chari Dance is a celebration of harvest and prosperity. Dancers balance brass pots filled with flaming torches on their heads as they move gracefully to the beat of traditional music, creating a spectacle of light and movement that is both captivating and symbolic.


Native to the Marwar region of Rajasthan, Teratali is a unique folk dance performed by women while seated. Accompanied by the melodious sounds of the ‘manjiras’ (finger cymbals) and rhythmic clapping, Teratali celebrates the joys and sorrows of everyday life, inviting participants to express themselves through synchronized movements and heartfelt emotions.


A daring and awe-inspiring spectacle, Fire Dance is a testament to human endurance and bravery. Originating from various tribal communities across India, this ancient ritual involves dancers performing intricate routines while manipulating fire, symbolizing purification, renewal, and spiritual transformation.


Talented Kalbeliya Rajasthani Folk Dance and Music Group

Shivji Dholi is a group of talented musicians specializing in the performance of traditional folk music and Rajasthani Folk Music Group from the culturally rich region of Rajasthan, India. Shivji Dholi groups usually consist of singers accompanied by traditional instruments such as the dholak (drum), harmonium, sarangi, Folk Fusion Band, Folk Music, Rajasthani Folk Dance, Folk Singing, Rajasthani dance and music group and Rajasthani Bhavai Dance Group.

Rajasthan’s folk singing groups (Shivji Dholi) are known for their lively, soulful performances that celebrate the state’s rich heritage and folklore. They showcase a variety of ethnic music styles, including bhajans (devotional songs), ghumars (traditional dance forms), maands (classical singing styles), and various other regional music genres. Shivji Dholi also professional in Rajasthani Gair Dance Group, Shehnai Group for Wedding, Kachhi Ghodi Dance for Wedding, Group of Marwadi Singers, Rajasthani Folk Singers For Wedding

Shivji Dholi groups play an important role in preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Rajasthan by sharing its traditional music with a global audience. Shivji Dholi frequently perform at cultural festivals, weddings, corporate events and other special occasions, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing melodies, colorful costumes, and energetic dance performances.

Shivji Dholi play a vital role in keeping the folk music of Rajasthan alive and thriving and ensuring that future generations continue to appreciate and appreciate this unique aspect of Indian culture.

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