Chari Dance and Music Group

Welcome to Chari Dance and Music Group. We celebrate the cultural richness and festive spirit of Rajasthan through the enchanting art form of Chari dance. Led by passionate artists deeply rooted in local traditions, our group brings to life the vibrant rhythms and graceful movements of the chali, captivating audiences with dynamic performances and soulful melodies. Masu.

Originating in the desert regions of Rajasthan, the Chari dance is a traditional folk dance symbolizing harvest, prosperity, and community celebration. Dancers balance brass pots containing burning torches on their heads as they move gracefully to the beat of traditional music, creating a mesmerizing and symbolic spectacle of light and movement.

The dance is accompanied by the lively music of Rajasthan on traditional musical instruments such as the ‘dholak’ (double-headed drum), ‘shenai’ (wind instrument) and ‘tabla’ (pair of drums). These instruments add depth and texture to your playing and enhance the atmosphere of joy and celebration.

At Chari Dance and Music Group, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting this ancient art form for future generations to experience and enjoy. We strive to share the rich cultural heritage of Chari dance with audiences around the world through performances, workshops, and educational initiatives.

Join us on a journey to the heart of Rajasthan. There, the flickering of the torch and the graceful movements of the dancers’ hands tell a story of tradition, unity, and an enduring spirit of celebration. Experience the magic of Chari dance and music with us and get lost in the rhythms of Rajasthan.