Rajasthani Folk Music Group

Welcome to the Rajasthani Folk Music Group, where we celebrate the rich and vibrant musical heritage of Rajasthan. Our group is dedicated to preserving, promoting, and showcasing the diverse folk music traditions that have been passed down through generations in this culturally rich region.

Rajasthan, known for its majestic deserts, colorful festivals, and enduring traditions, boasts a treasure trove of folk music styles. From the haunting melodies of the Manganiyars to the soulful tunes of the Langas, from the energetic rhythms of Bhavai to the joyful beats of Ghoomar, Rajasthan’s folk music reflects the diversity and resilience of its people.

Our group comprises talented musicians and vocalists who are deeply rooted in Rajasthan’s folk music traditions. With a passion for storytelling and a reverence for tradition, we bring these ancient melodies to life through our performances, workshops, and educational initiatives.

Whether performing at cultural events, weddings, or festivals, our goal is to share the beauty and magic of Rajasthani folk music with audiences around the world. Through our performances, we strive to transport listeners to the heart of Rajasthan, where every note is a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage and timeless traditions.

Join us on a musical journey through the sands of Rajasthan, where the echoes of centuries-old melodies mingle with the rhythms of modern life. Experience the enchanting melodies, vibrant rhythms, and soulful storytelling of Rajasthan’s folk music with the Rajasthani Folk Music Group.