Rajasthani Folk Singers Group

Introducing the Rajasthani Folk Music and Dance Group, a collective of exceptionally skilled artists committed to showcasing the vibrant musical and dance traditions of Rajasthan. Under the guidance of seasoned performers deeply immersed in the cultural heritage of the region, our ensemble embodies the essence of Rajasthan’s folk music and dance, weaving together soulful melodies, vibrant rhythms, and timeless narratives.

With a rich historical legacy, Rajasthan’s folk music and dance reflect the diverse landscapes, colorful festivals, and enduring spirit of its people. Through our captivating performances, we transport audiences to the majestic deserts, verdant hills, and bustling villages of Rajasthan, inviting them to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of our musical and dance heritage.

Our repertoire spans a wide spectrum of traditional music and dance styles from Rajasthan, including:

Manganiyar Music: Originating from the Manganiyar community, this hauntingly beautiful music is a staple at weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies. With its stirring vocals and intricate instrumentation, Manganiyar music evokes the soulful essence of Rajasthan’s desert landscape and nomadic traditions.

Langas Music: Rooted in the Langas community, this ancient musical tradition features soulful melodies and rhythmic poetry. Accompanied by instruments such as the sarangi, dholak, and khartal, Langas music celebrates themes of love, longing, and spiritual fulfillment.

Bhavai Music: Inspired by the Bhavai folk dance, Bhavai music is renowned for its lively rhythms and dynamic performances. With instruments like the Dhol, Manjira, and Harmonium, Bhavai music infuses the stage with infectious energy and lively beats.

Ghoomar Music: Complementing the graceful movements of the Ghoomar dance, Ghoomar music celebrates femininity and joy. With rhythmic melodies and percussions, Ghoomar music invites participants and spectators to revel in the festivities.

Maand Music: Reminiscent of Rajasthan’s royal courts, Maand music features complex compositions and majestic melodies. Often accompanied by the sarangi, tabla, and harmonium, Maand music transports listeners to an era of royalty and timeless love stories.

At the Rajasthani Folk Music and Dance Group, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage for future generations. Through our dynamic performances, engaging workshops, and educational initiatives, we celebrate the diversity and cultural richness of Rajasthan, one song and dance at a time. Join us on a musical and rhythmic journey through the heart and soul of Rajasthan, where every note and step is a testament to the enduring legacy of our folk traditions.